Veronica Winston

Dr. Veronica Winston is a passionate believer, minister, and founder of the Living Word Christian Centre (LWCC). Veronica met her husband, Dr. Bill Winston, while working at IBM in marketing and systems engineering. Later marrying in 1983, the couple started their first church, Mission Temple of Faith, in 1984 after God called Dr. Bill Winston into ministry. Four years later, they started Living Word Christian Centre (LWCC), with Veronica assisting her husband in myriad areas of administration and ministry.

Undesr her leadership, LWCC’s prayer ministry staff have developed a ten-week intercessory prayer training course, attended by thousands in the Chicago metropolitan area. She also oversees LWCC’s women’s ministry, empowering and mentoring women to build stronger families and personal faith, being a godly role model for thousands of women as she fulfills her role as a wife, mother, and grandmother while working in full-time ministry. Like her husband, Dr. Veronica has also written several books. Her most popular book, Prayer Confessions to Dominate in the New Millennium, is used in churches across the United States in their intercessory prayer sessions.

Veronica’s love for God and His Word feeds into her desire for the Body of Christ to rise to their greatest potential through the practical application of such in their everyday lives. Her teachings bring a clear understanding of biblical truths, emphasising walking in victory in every circumstance of life.