Faith and the Marketplace – Expanded Edition



Far too many of us are just getting by, existing. And yet there is a cry in your heart for more. The challenge is that many earnest believers make a distinction between their spiritual life and their natural life. They assume their faith and their work have little to do with each other. You’ve been called to be a KING or a PRIEST and to live on a level of fruitfulness (creativity and innovation) that will change the world.┬áThis revised and expanded groundbreaking update teaching will revolutionize your life. Faith and the Marketplace, Becoming the Person of Influence God Intended You to Be, expounds upon the fact you have a Kingdom mission. This edition includes two new chapters on Dr. Winston’s teaching on fruitfulness from Genesis 1:28, three keys to cancelling debt, and reflection questions at the end of each chapter. Utilize this tool as your playbook to catapult you to a new level in the marketplace! Order yours today!

Release Year: 2020

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