Entering Into Canaan: Possessing Your Inheritance MP4



Once you became born again, God’s righteousness, His life and divine nature, came to dwell on the inside of you, immediately restoring your perfect fellowship with the Father.In this powerful message, Possessing Your Inheritance: Entering Into Canaan, Dr. Winston teaches that when you, as a child of God, understand righteousness and walk in it, you become a master over every evil force and adversity standing in the way of God’s highest and best for your life. In this four-part teaching series, you will discover: • How God sees you and just how much He truly loves you.• How, as God’s child, you no longer have a sin nature but the nature of God. • God’s nature is that of a king and ruler. He is bold and fearless, and so are you!• Your rich inheritance comes in direct proportion to your new identity ─ as a Son and not as a servant!• When you walk in righteousness, faith, creativity and power flow like a flood!

Release Year: 2019

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