Releasing Your Potential Bundle CD & Book



Releasing Your Potential Bundle Offer –  (2 teachings + Book) Receive Dr. Winston’s powerful teaching The Normal Christian Life, along with the book Training for Reigning. Dr. Bill Winston reminds you that the anointing of the Holy Spirit is present in these last days to fully equip you to fulfill your destiny.You are a sign and a wonder! As you advance in your assignment by faith in God’s Word, you will start experiencing divine intervention and a fresh anointing of increase. You will never face anything you cannot overcome. Place a demand on the anointing and start operating in the God-class! In Training for Reigning Dr Bill Winston teaches you to achieve victory by declaring the outcome before the fight even starts. Learn the power of patience by understanding that delays are not denials. Live in righteousness because God has imparted His righteousness to you! Empower yourself through the power of God’s strength to release your potential today! Order your bundle today.

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